Lutheran Responses to Commonly Asked Questions:


Q:     How can a person be saved?

A:      Scripture clearly teaches that we are saved by God's grace through faith alone.  Faith is not just about believing in one's mind, rather faith is a grateful, whole-hearted response of one's entire being to the love of God found through Jesus Christ.  Many people wrongly believe that God is a scorekeeper, keeping a tally of all the good and bad deeds we've ever done.  If God is actually a scorekeeper, then we are all in big trouble because we all fall short of God's will for our lives, even after becoming a Christian.  Living a moral life and doing good deeds is important, but good deeds are simply a response that comes from personally knowing God's transforming love in Christ.


Q:     Where does religious authority lie?

A:      Authority rests on Scripture alone.  Lutherans appreciate church traditions, ancient belief statements, and the great writers of Christian thought, but ultimately, all traditions and writings are subject to Scripture.  Anytime there is a discrepancy in church teachings, the Bible is to be regarded as the authoritative source of faith and practice.


Q:     What is the church?

A:     We believe that the church is the worldwide fellowship of all believers.  While we are proud of our Lutheran heritage, we do not believe that we have a corner on the truth.


Q:     What is the essence of Christian living?

A:     As followers of Jesus, we are called to live a life of service and love to God and our fellow neighbor.  Therefore, we believe that all honorable work, both inside and outside the church, glorifies God.  This means that each and every Christian has a calling and vocation.  So, if you are a school teacher, then be the best teacher you can be.  If you are a mechanic, then be the best mechanic you can be.  If you are a parent, then be the best parent you can be.  If you are a pastor, then be the best pastor you can be.  Our very lives are a sacred gift from God and should be lived so that everything we do is in service to God and our fellow neighbor.

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